Working from Home is on the Rise

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We love being at home. We love being able to wake up bright and early, put on that kettle for our morning coffee and spend a few minutes gazing off into our gardens and watching out for which birds are visiting today. For most of us, this is followed by a quick school run then getting ourselves to work, but more and more people are choosing to work right from the comfort of their own home. 

The idea of ‘flexible working’ isn’t exactly new and we know that. Employees have managed to find jobs that suit their lifestyle, mostly working around their children and school time. But now, more than ever, employers are taking the reigns and offering the opportunity of working from home, whether being contracted, or offered as a benefit for when they need to.

Business is an ever-changing world and we here at Wido know how fast the whole thing is moving along! Companies want to be able to get the most out of their employees as productivity, as always, is key. So what could the benefits be of working in your home office?

The Benefits of Working From Home

People are productive in different situations. Some prefer background music and conversation to get their best work done, whilst others need total silence to heighten their concentration levels. For some, even the tapping of another keyboard is enough to bring on frustration! Working in your home office means you can sit back in your own office chair, at your desk and get in the zone.

Of course, there are the distractions that come along with actually being at home but as long as you’re strong-willed and determined to succeed – you’ll no doubt get the job done. It’s important that you’re comfortable when you’re working as it can involve a lot of time spent sitting at a desk tapping away on a laptop. When at home, you can choose where you perch to work. Whether it be on the sofa, the kitchen table, lying on your bed, but we find a home office usually works best! 

Something that’s commonly overlooked in home working is the lack of a commute. Whether your actual office is 10 minutes or 30 minutes, not having that commute means spending that valuable time with your family, or doing something you enjoy and is actually cutting your carbon footprint. Double result!

Creating Your Home Office

As we said, we prefer working in a home office if we choose to spend our day at home. It seems only right that we have an environment that although is still comfortable, we can claim as a ‘working space’. Whether you create this in a spare room, or a corner of your dining room is entirely up to you, but there are a few things to take note of! 

Ensure you have a clear, stable working space. Although working on your lap is okay, we don’t want all that neck strain for when we’re hiking at the weekend! Regardless of whether you choose to work at your kitchen table or buy yourself a computer desk, being flat is key! We also want to make sure you’re as comfortable as can be, as you’ll most likely be spending 7 or 8 hours typing away. A comfortable office chair means that you can sit upright, remain focused and still feel like you’re getting the benefits of being at home.

Don’t forget to decorate your space too! Your home office doesn’t have to be a boring, dull space. Bring it to life with stationery, photo frames of your loved ones and any old decoration you want – pom-poms, candles and all. Also, working at home = endless cups of tea!

Don’t really know where to start or eager to grab some pieces to get working on your ideal space? We have a range of home office furniture to suit all budgets. 

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