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Being active is something us guys at Wido just, well, do. Our sports aren’t just limited to the summertime however, we love to dabble in the odd Winter sport too. Yes, it often means grabbing a few more layers than usual but we’re more than happy to throw on an extra jumper or two if it means getting to spend some time outside keeping active.

When it comes to ‘Winter Sports’ here in the UK, unless you’re doing it inside in a centre, you can rule out the likes of snowboarding or skiing. We just don’t get the weather for it! But instead, today we’re here to share how you can embrace the cold British style and try out something new. Who knows, you may just find yourself a brand new hobby!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

You’d be surprised at just how popular the sport and pastime of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is becoming, also known as ‘SUP’. It is quite simply what it says on the tin, you grab your Inflatable SUP Board, find your nearest river or lake and away you go. It’s especially great if you are somewhere new and want to explore via the water whilst getting a little workout in at the same time. Helping you work on your balance, core strength and endurance, it’s a fun one to try with the family. Don’t be shocked at how much you can ache from this too!

Ice Skating & Hockey

It may not be outdoors all of the time, but one way to embrace the colder weather and stay fit is to take up an ice-rink based sport, such as ice skating or ice hockey. Head to your local ice rink, either solo or with your family in tow, exchange your shoes for boots and away you go. Whether you do it as a fun day out or you sign up for classes, it is a fantastic way to increase your energy levels, get you moving and even make new friends.


Some of us simply gravitate to water-based sports, whether it be swimming, diving or even fishing. If you are an avid angler, one way to reach those fishing sweet spots could be to take up kayaking alongside your fishing days. By exploring the local waterways by kayak, you can reach harder to get to places where your average joe fisherman isn’t likely to go, meaning those big catches could be yours and yours alone! However, kayaking not just for those who like to fish, it can also be for adrenaline junkies too. By finding the right routes that offer some white water fun, it can become a real energy rush and workout all at the same time!

Mountain Biking

But then again, the chances of getting wet don’t always appeal to everyone, especially when there’s a chill in the air. Some of us prefer to stay on land and that’s when classic mountain biking comes in. Mountain biking takes you really into those great outdoors and out on to rough trails that give you incredible views and plenty of fresh air. Whether you’re willing to go super fast down steep hills or just out for a casual cycle, getting up into the mountains on a bike is one hell of a way to keep fit.

Exercise and sports don’t always have to be cruel and cold in the Winter! It’s all about embracing it, knowing that it’s going to be a tad chilly and getting on with it anyway! If you’re unsure of where to start or need some inspiration, we’ve got a fantastic range of outdoor fitness equipment to really get you started!

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