At Wido we really like to look after our customers, and we also like to give a bit back to the community.   That's why we've decided to give away a percentage of our profits each month to help somebody who really needs it.

Episode 6 of Wido Cares is a special one, focussing on the fantastic work done by Andys Man Club, a network of talking groups for men.   The club aims to halve the number of male suicides by providing a safe, non judgmental environment for men to talk about their mental health issues.  It's an amazing charity, and for this episode we were joined by Love Island winner Jack Fincham, who opened up about his own mental health battle.  Take a look.

Can we help you?

As Wido grows, so will the amount we are able to donate, and with your support, the more people we will be able to help!

We will make a short video each month, to show how we are sharing the money.

We are really excited about this project, and hope you enjoy watching the videos, which we will be sharing with you each month, both here and on our YouTube Channel.

Thank you for shopping with Wido - by doing so you are giving a helping hand to those who need it most.

Do you know a person or charitable organisation who could do with our help?We want to hear from you!  Email us today at, and you never know, our team could be on their way to you next month!

Episode 5 of Wido Cares took the team to Ethos College in Dewsbury.  The college provides social, emotional, mental health and educational support to KS4 students.

The team had a great day helping the staff and students create a quiet room for students to use in times of crisis.

Watch the video to find out more.

Episode 5

For episode 4 of Wido Cares, we set out to help the staff and patients of Rossendale Hospice.

We learnt that their Tranquility Suite, where specialist staff give aroma therapy and massage treatment to patients, was itself in need of some TLC.

Whilst filming, the dedication of all the carers and nursing staff was plain to see.  They really do care about the care they give.  Not only do they give daily respite and support in their Day Therapy Unit, they also provide a valuable Hospice at Home service, where patients are treated and cared for in the comfort of their own homes.

For such a great cause, how far could the team stretch the budget this month?

Episode 4

April is National Pet Month, so it's only fitting that we looked at helping our animal friends for Episode 3 of Wido Cares.

The team visited Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, an amazing charity that helps all kinds of animals in need, and relies completely on donations.  They guys had a great day meeting the hard working staff, and all the animals, particularly a little pup called Pickle!

Watch the video to see how the charity put this month's funds of £773.19 to great use!

Episode 3

In episode 2 of Wido Cares, our team visit the Halifax Homeless and Community Kitchen.

The amazing volunteers of this non profit organisation work tirelessly to help feed and clothe the homeless and needy in their community.  They also go the extra mile by providing free hair cuts.

They rely on donations for much needed food, underwear and other basic essentials that we can all too easily take for granted.

Thanks to your support, we were able to donate £444.63 from sales in February.

How will the team use this to help?  Watch episode 2 to find out.

Episode 2

In the first of our Wido Cares series, filmed in January 2019, shows the team helping out just a few of the 320,000 homeless people in the UK.

Episode 1