Why Getting A Regular Massage Can Benefit Your Health

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In modern-day culture, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our busy lifestyle and leave little or no room for some real ‘me’ time. A time that you can step away from working life, parenting duties and just take an hour or so to do something for you. A lot of people will use this extra hour to do something they don’t particularly like, but feel like they need to do. Maybe they feel like they need to use that time at the gym or to catch up on chores around the house. But, should we spend some of this time to look after, well, us?

You can have your bubble baths, rare nail painting sessions and even an at-home facial. Yet nothing can beat a relaxing, self-care activity like going out and having a massage from a trained professional. Let’s face it, our other halves just don’t quite cut it, do they?

Getting a regular massage has been proven to have so many benefits for your health and we’re going to share them with you today in the hope that you’ll pick up the phone and book yourself that little treat. Go on, you deserve it!

Well-Being & Mindset

First off, we’ll share the most obvious result of a massage and that is the positive impact it can have on your mindset and wellbeing. A simple 45-minute massage can help take you away to a relaxing mind space that makes you feel like you’ve been gone hours. There is something so peaceful about being massaged, whilst in the dark listening to soothing music or a fire crackling. I’m falling asleep at the sound of it! Being massaged reduces the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, which leaves us feeling calm and collected afterwards.

Sleep Better

As soon as you have children, your sleep pattern can go on a crazy nosedive. With regular wake-ups, early wake-ups, late nights, it’s no wonder we’re feeling the tension. Having a massage can help resolve that issue, even if it is for a night or two. It doesn’t help that massage couches seem to be just that extra bit comfier. The relaxed state that you are put in whilst having a massage is known to have lasting effects, so don’t be surprised if you drop off immediately as soon as your head hits your pillow!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can become an issue as we get older and it certainly can take its toll on our minds and bodies. Having regular massages have been found in many studies to have reduced blood pressure when done consistently. They do this by reducing trigger sources for tension, depression, hostility which in turn lower your blood pressure levels. This means that you reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes as well as other health issues that can arise due to blood pressure. 

Immune Boost

Another surprising benefit of massage is the positive effect it can have on your immune system. If you suffer from stress, it’s no surprise that having a massage can assist but certain aspects of your lifestyle combined with stress can have real effects on your body’s immune system. This can cause you to get ill often, feel run down and lethargic and not motivated to do much. Studies have shown that massage therapy can help increase the levels of the bodies natural ‘killer’ cells that attack those that make you feel unwell, making you less likely to become sick. Keeping you fit and healthy on the regular.

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to Google my nearest masseuse. Do they do 3-hour long back, neck and shoulder massages? I think I’m going to need one…

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