Storing Garden Furniture; What You Need to Look After

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Its winter, which means wrapping up warm indoors away from the elements. Wrapping up warm in front of the fire and avoiding the harsh winter rain, snow and wind sounds like a great idea, and your garden furniture agrees.

The winter elements can take a toll on your garden furniture if they are not properly protected. In this post, we break down the need-to-knows of storing your garden furniture. Whether you are dealing with wooden chairs or a wrought iron table we have the tips and tricks you need to keep your furniture in top condition over the winter months.


As you’ll see in this post caring for your furniture over the winter is relatively straight forward, and wooden furniture is no exception. Using a soft brush, remove any surface dirt. Follow this up with a quick rinse – a garden hose is perfect, anything more like a pressure washer could strip the finish. If you like to leave the elements do their work for a naturally weathered look then you’re all done. However, if you want to stretch a few extra years out of your furniture make sure it is thoroughly dried and refinish it or add a layer of sealant.

Wrought Iron

A scrubbing brush and some soapy water will get you started on any wrought iron furniture. Once you’ve scrubbed it clean, simply rinse it off with a hose or bucket of water; whichever is more convenient or fun for you. Next, you want to check for any signs of rust. If you spot any deal with them as soon as possible so it doesn’t worsen over the winter. If you are rust free, perfect. Now it is time to store your furniture away. Optimally you want to store your iron and steel furniture away for the winter, in a garage or shed for example. Failing this, an outdoor furniture cover is a great option.


Rattan is relatively simple to take care of. Start by cleaning it up. A hoover attachment should do the trick with a smaller brush, like a toothbrush, for the harder to get to areas. Once free of dirt and debris a quick wipe down with the reliable duo of cloth and soapy water will be perfect. Follow this with a rinse of with the garden hose and leave it to dry. Once dried simply cover your rattan garden furniture with a furniture cover. From here on out it’s as simple as checking on your furniture. Make sure heavy rainfall isn’t causing a problem and that the furniture cover is doing its job every week or two. Clear the furniture cover of leaves and snow and consider elevating the furniture if you think the feet are getting overly wet.


To clean wicker you’ll probably find a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner useful. This allows you to pull dirt from between the weaves and other hard to reach areas. A damp cloth should do for finishing up the cleaning. A refinish could be useful in helpful protect it from the elements. You want to keep wicker out of cold and direct sunlight so bring it inside if possible – a garage, shed, or loft should do the trick.

If you are buying new outdoor furniture don’t forget to consider how you will maintain and store it over winter. Pro-tip; stackable and foldable chairs are a great space saver when it comes to storage.

If your outdoor furniture is looking past its best, perhaps you didn’t have these tips on hand to protect it through the winter, explore our range of outdoor garden furniture.

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