Creating a Sanctuary: Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Mike Lewis
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Bedrooms can definitely be our own little versions of sanctuary and these can differ from person to person. We’ve spoken to members of our team who find their bedrooms one of the best and easiest places to unwind alongside their gardens and they’ve created the perfect space to relax whether it is to read, practice yoga or even get a quick power nap in after dropping the kids off at school!

We totally understand that rejigging any room in your home can come at quite a cost but that’s why we like to offer you high-quality products at really affordable prices. Allowing you to turn your home into the peak of relaxation and organisation, especially in terms of your bedroom.

We also realise just how frustrating it may be if you don’t have the space to do the decorating that you want and if you’re having issues with getting things done in your bedroom. It ends up being a place where you sleep, and only sleep because any other relaxing activities would just cause you additional stress.

We don’t like that, nuh-uh! Us Wido-ers believe that you can create a space to love regardless of size so today we’re sharing some nuggets of advice with you to help you turn your small bedroom into a sanctuary – and keep it cheap too!

  • Keep The Walls Simple – Having bright or dark colours or even patterned wallpaper on the walls of your small bedroom can often close it in, creating a space that doesn’t feel welcoming to anyone. To really open up your space and make it a place to calm your mind, it’s best to keep the walls of your bedroom simple. Our recommendation would be to use white paint as small bedrooms tend to lack in natural light so having bright, white walls will create an optical illusion of a bigger space.
  • Mirrors Are Your Friend – Another optical illusion for smaller rooms is the use of mirrors. Save more space by having a wall-mounted full length option which gives the impression of a bigger space as the light reflects off it.
  • Utilise Your Storage – Whether it under your bed or on top of your wardrobe, ensuring that you’re getting the best out of your storage systems will often create floor space. Declutter your life on a regular basis and have 2 clear outs a year to get rid of your unwanted and unused items and to make way for any new purchases without needing to compromise on space. Woven Baskets can make under bed storage simple by making them easily accessible to retrieve and organise. You know what they say, ‘Tidy Life, Tidy Mind!’.
  • To The Corners! – Get the most floor space in your room by pushing your pieces of furniture to the corners. By moving the likes of your bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers to each corner in your room, you create a whole new walkway that doesn’t make you feel cluttered or claustraphobic. Perhaps you’ll make space for your morning Yoga routine – who knows! You can also add corner wall shelving to create even more storage space too!
  • Feeling Felt-y – Clothes can sometimes take over our lives and there’s a fair few amongst the Wido team who seem to have an addiction! Storage solutions can be applied all over our bedrooms to make the most out of what we’ve got! Felt hangers as opposed to their plastic alternatives are often slimmer, meaning we can fit more clothes in a smaller space than ever before – you’re onto a winner with this!

We believe that you can turn any space into a relaxing one and that your sanctuary can be anywhere you want it to be. By following these simple, easy and affordable solutions, you’ll be heading in the right direction of making your bedroom that little piece of heaven. For more bedroom inspiration, you can check out our full range of Bedroom Furniture here.

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