6 Reasons to Ditch the Gym

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6 Reasons To Ditch The Gym

Our time outside isn’t just spent doing the odd Gardening job, us Wido-ers like to keep fit in the comfort of our own home too. We’re the Kings and Queens of convenience and making both our and your lives easier is at the top of our list, but let’s face it – we’re busy people, how are we supposed to fit everything in?!

Keeping fit is important to us. We want a long and healthy life so that we can make the most of our time with our families and so that we can keep on, keeping on! But getting to the gym can be tiresome, time-consuming and costly in the long run. Unless you could do it all at home, right?

Whether you like to do high-intensity workouts or something a little more on the calmer side of life like Yoga, or perhaps you’re into some extreme outdoorsy sport, we’re here to tell you why ditching that gym membership isn’t a bad thing – so please, don’t feel guilty!

  1. Saving Money! – The most obvious but most important! Although buying a few pieces of home or outdoor fitness equipment to get your home activities rolling may cost you some pennies initially, in the long run, you will certainly save a fortune on gym memberships, especially the ones where you’re tied into a contract! It will only take a few months of you using your equipment and you’ll be feeling the financial benefit
  2. Fun For All The Family – Who says that you have to just do an activity for yourself? There are lots of ways that we can keep fit as a family both in the comfort of our own home and making use of the great outdoors. Whether it’s playing football in the back garden or going for walks up to your local hills – there are lots of options to take advantage and do it as a family means a benefit for all!
  3. It’s On YouTube – If your idea of getting fit consists of following long high-intensity workout routines or getting your Yoga on in your bedroom – you are in luck! YouTube is essentially a virtual hub for all things fitness if you know what you’re looking for. There are plenty of qualified professionals who share routines to do at home online, meaning that you can work on those abs from the comfort of your living room if you wanted to!
  4. Fresh Air – Obviously we live for that year-round summer feeling and there’s nothing better than breathing in the fresh air – it’s so good for your lungs! By taking up an outdoorsy activity, you can both keep fit and spend time with nature so it’s a win, win situation really! Whether it’s hiking, cycling or even paddleboarding, there’s lots of fun to be had without being cooped up in a poorly lit gym.
  5. More Time! – There is a number of ways that ditching going to a regular gym can help you keep you use your time better and be more productive. You’ll be cutting the cost of travel and making more use out of your time at home, especially if you like to head to the gym before or after work as that surely makes you feel like you’ve been away from home for a lifetime! There’s no need to travel a 30 minute round trip to do a run on the treadmill – pop on your running shoes and take to the streets!
  6. Feeling More Comfortable – Let’s face it, some of us just simply aren’t destined for the gym. The sheer thought of it gives us the heebie-jeebies and when we do get there, we just want to shy away in a corner and stick to what we know. Having equipment at home gives you the confidence to try new things without feeling like you have the beady eye of a personal trainer watching.

Is it time for you to go hand in your notice in your local gym? We believe in you! Get your body moving in a different way, there’s no harm in taking your fitness outside and trying something new.

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