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We’re all having a wonderful summer spent in our gardens here at Wido. We don’t mean to bring it up, but it’ll come to a close amd we’ll start saying see-you-later to our sun loungers and adios to our parasols. The wintertime is bound to come and if we know the UK like we think we do, it’ll be well and truly here before we know it (but fingers crossed it isn’t!), so looking after our favourite garden furniture and accessories is important to us right now. 

The cold British weather often brings rain, wind and sometimes snow, so now is the time to invest in good, reliable outside storage to keep your favourite pieces of garden furniture in good condition for the next few years to come. If left out, they can get worn and torn by the harsh weather conditions we’re probably going to have at some point. I mean, what are they going to call the next storm really?!

Whether you’re putting your beloved garden gnome into hibernation or your foldaway Bistro Set needs to stay under lock and key so it doesn’t go rusty, having outside storage is important.

Shopping for Outside Storage

It can be hard knowing what type of outside storage you may need. The first thing is to look at what you actually need to store and just how big it is. Do you have a relatively large garden dining set that you want to keep away from the frost? Or perhaps it’s just some cushions and decorative pieces that you would like to keep in good condition. Sizing is always the first point to consider as this will put you in the right direction of the type of storage needed.

If you have large items that need to be stored away and perhaps you don’t have the garage space because it’s always occupied (people actually use garages to put their cars in!), garden sheds may be the right route to go down. They come in various shapes and sizes and if you are lucky enough to have a large garden, you could utilise a metal shed for storing lots of things. However, we do gardens well here at Wido and we know that some of us like to make the most out of our smaller outside spaces and that’s why we have a range of compact garden sheds too! 

However, garden sheds aren’t the only option available here. If you’re after something a bit more stylish and to take up even less room, perhaps a garden storage chest may be of interest to you. Coming in various finishes and sizes, these are super handy when storing smaller items like cushions and garden decorations or even your wellies! They are flexible all year round as they are resistant to low temperatures and can even double up as your garden tool storage in the warmer months too. Or they could be great for hiding things from the kids…

The Good and the Bad

There are many positives to investing in outside storage, whatever you decide to use it for. They help to maintain your garden furniture for longer as storing them away from the harsh weather won’t let them deteriorate as quickly as they might if they are left outside. This helps you keep them in good condition for years to come and is in fact, saving you money in the long run! They can be multi-purpose, helping you store various different things throughout the year. We can’t imagine you’ll be using your trowel as much in January and it could be a great place to store those muddy football boots!

But it is important that you make sure you go for the right option to suit you. Buying the wrong size storage unit can decrease valuable garden space, become an eye-sore and look bulky if not chosen right. Time to get your measuring tape out and work out what will look best! Don’t wait for the wind to give your furniture a battering! Check out our range of outside storage today.

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