Protecting Your Car and Caravan in Winter

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With the cold weather creeping in faster than we’d like it to, we’re known for keeping ourselves, our pets and our homes nice and safe. But what about the vehicles that we love outside in the rough weather? Surely they deserve some love and attention whilst the cold winds blow and the rain falls! Protection for your car and caravans are important. These investments should be looked after so that they keep in good condition and work well when you need them to.

Looking after your vehicle doesn’t have to be a hard and tedious job either. Sometimes, all you need is a quick product fix to keep it looking and working in ship-shape. But if you’re new to this, our Wido experts will give you the lowdown on protecting your vehicles in the Winter. Some fixes may be quick and easy, while others may require the assistance of a few helping hands!

Canopy Covers

If you’re wanting something quick and easy to set up, then a Carport Canopy may be the best option for you. These pop-up products help to protect your vehicles from any adverse weather, be it thunderstorms in the winter and even bright sunshine throughout the summer, making them completely versatile. Be it a car or a motorbike, they can be a great storage option for those who have the room and space for them.

Using The Garage

Now, this may come as a shock to you, but have you ever considered using the garage for what they were originally intended for? If you’re not in and out your car every day, using your garage as a home for your vehicle can help protect it in many ways. This can help to keep it clean, dry and overall safer if it’s locked away in storage whilst you’re not using it! This can be a bit of a blessing if you have a double garage as you can still utilise one side of the space for storage. Oh, and make it easier for yourself by installing an electric door if you can!

Cover It Up

Sometimes, we understand that garages aren’t the most feasible. Whether you’re in and out of your car too much or your caravan simply doesn’t fit. But there are plenty of other options for protecting your vehicles and one of those are covers. A product like a caravan cover can provide the perfect solution when it comes to protecting it from rain, dirt and UV rays. You may need to grab a family member or two with help on this one, two or three pairs of helping hands are definitely better than one!

DIY Love

Nothing says car care than giving it a bit of DIY and TLC. Sometimes all your vehicle needs is a little medical from its owner on a semi-regular basis to make sure all is going well. It’s the colder months that can see more accidents happen on the roads, so it’s important to check and double-check that all is in order. Some things that you can check to maintain your vehicle’s health are; Your tyre tread depth and pressure, coolant and antifreeze levels, windscreen wiper fluid and condition, light standards and your oil levels. All of which can be important when keeping your vehicle in the best shape.

It’s definitely time to stop neglecting your vehicles in Winter, they need just as much time and attention as anything else to make sure they are kept well. These investments aren’t cheap and that’s why here at Wido we believe it’s just as crucial to look after them so we can enjoy them for the long ride!

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