Large Charcoal Hog Roast


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This impressive Hog Roast grill features a well proportioned barbeque skewer, allowing you to skewer and grill delicious roasts, chicken and plenty of other foods.

Reliable clips are included to help you secure large pieces such as whole pigs.The stainless steel skewer of the suckling pig grill is powered by the electric motor which is included.

Through a steady rotation, it ensures an even cooking process for perfectly juicy meat. The grill trough holds enough coal to supply the required heat for long periods of time.

Please note that the unit is delivered in kit (assembly time: about 25 minutes). The assembly hardware is included. 25kg max weight


Suckling pig grill with electric motor

Stable stainless steel rotisserie

Spacious grill surfaces and charcoal holder

Four rollers with brakes for mobile use

Extremely stable and height adjustable

Includes fork and clamps for securing the food


15w 240v Motor

1x Spit Shaft

2x Four-Pronged Retainers

2 x ‘U’ Retainers

Counter balance

Dimensions: 124 x 100 x 55 (WxHxD, including motor)

Weight: about 30kg



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