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Making your own cider, wine and fruit juices is fun and satisfying when you do it the traditional way using this home fruit crusher. Perfect for using up apples, pears, oranges and soft fruits.

The 7 litre metal hopper holds a huge amount of fruit, and the mechanical action of the blades mashes the produce in minutes. Simply turn the handle to wind the blades to operate. The metal blades pulp fruit to the perfect consistency for juicing, breaking the skin so you can squeeze out the maximum volume of juice.

Collect the crushed fruit in a bucket below ready for juicing, or directly into one of our traditional wooden fruit presses to produce your own delicious fresh juice.

This fruit pulper is perfect for those who are seeking a more traditional way of consuming their food, perhaps going back to basics using produce from their own gardens or allotments, and for health conscious people who like their food and drink to be local, organic and additive free.




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