12L Backpack Pressure Sprayer


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The Wido knapsack pressure sprayer is ergonomically designed for ease of use.  Fit it to your back with the adjustable, quick-release straps, and you are ready to go!

It is designed to spray water and selected garden chemicals such as pesticides and weed killers.  Please see safety notice below for restricted products.

This is the smallest of the Wido knapsack sprayers, with a 12 litre capacity plastic tank, plastic carry handle and spray lance with thumb trigger.  Spray continuously or at intervals by using the lockable on/off flow control.

The large filler opening has an integrated filter and screw-close cap with pressure release valve

Comes complete with 3 nozzles: single spray, double spray, jet spray.  Spare parts pack included

Safety notice:

This pressure sprayer is designed for use in private household environments and is not intended for commercial use.  It can be safely used for spraying the following liquids:

  • Water

  • Mild, PH-neutral cleaning agents

This product is designed to be used safely with garden chemicals such as pesticides and weed killers.  It should NOT be used with products classified as corrosive, harmful, irritant or flammable such as disinfectants, fertilisers, solvents, bleaches, paints, varnishes, strong acids, caustic solutions or similar, as these may damage the product.  Please read the instructions supplied with the substance before use.  When using the product ALWAYS wear suitable protective clothing to minimise the risk of personal injury and ALWAYS follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the application and use of garden chemicals.




  • Adjustable quick release straps
  • Carry handle
  • Thumb trigger
  • Lockable on/off flow
  • Large filler opening 
  • Screw close cap with pressure release valve
  • Includes 3 nozzles:  single spray, double spray, jet spray
  • Spare parts pack included

 Technical Information 12L:

  • Capacity:  12L
  • Tank dimensions:  38cm x 35cm x 14cm
  • Length of spray lance:  75cm (including trigger and nozzle)
  • Max. permitted pressure:  2.5bar
  • Operating temperature:  0º – 38°

Full safety instructions included.  Please read all instructions carefully before assembling and using your garden sprayer.



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