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12’2″ Aquago “Bali” Inflatable Stand Up Family Paddle Board iSUP With Pump And Accessories


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Stand up Paddle Boarding (commonly known as SUPing) is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.  Surprisingly easy to master, it is a sport that everyone can enjoy! 

Paddling produces a low impact full body workout without putting undue stress on joints and ligaments.  It is a fun way to improve balance, core strength and endurance.  Because it takes place in calm waters in an outdoor setting, SUP is a very relaxing hobby.  Paddle boarders find it an ideal way of letting go of the worries of modern life, by getting in touch with nature and completely de-stressing.

Our family sized Aquago “BALI” infatable paddle board is super sized and super fun for all the family. One of the most appealing aspects about the SUP is just how easy it is to do. There are not many water sports where the whole family can join in. The Aquago BALI iSUP extends the family fun to the next level with its extra length and width. Designed for 2 adults +1 child, this family stand up paddle board is a perfect rig for lakes, seaside, and rivers. A lovely mix of quick, agile and stable, ideal for family use of for clubs.

Being inflatable, all Aquago iSUPS fold away neatly and can be easily transported in the sturdy backpack which is included.  Other accessories included are: an aluminium paddle, pump, pressure gauge and puncture repair kit.

How to Use the Paddle Board 

Assume a comfortable standing position with your feet positioned roughly shoulder width apart.  Knees should be slightly bent in a relaxed upright stance, shoulders back, looking straight ahead.

Paddle Grip:

place your top hand on the end of handle and your bottom hand approximately 61cm (24”) down shaft of paddle.  Paddle in a comfortable forward motion, with arms slightly bent.

To turn left concentrate paddling on the right-hand side of the board.  To turn right concentrate paddling on the left-hand side of the board.

Paddling can also be done while lying or kneeling on the board, with the participant propelling themselves by using swimming motions with their arms.



  • High pressure recessed valve for quick, easy inflation and deflation.
  • Stainless steel D-Ring for attaching safety leash to paddler. (Optional)
  • Wrap up front EVA deck. Grooved and heat embossed for maximum traction and
  • durability.
  • Tri-Fin System: One removable and slide-in centre fins and two small side fins
  • Front carry handle
  • 4 x front D-Rings for cargo straps for carrying light cargo
  • 6” (15cm) durable DWF core material
  • Heavy duty dropstitch PVC holds air up to 15psi.
  • Extra built in carry handle on tail
  • 4 x Heavy duty built-in carry handles on both sides
  • Carbon/fibreglass paddle
  • Sturdy back pack for easy storage and transport
  • Hand pump and pressure gauge
  • Puncture repair kit

Safety Notice: 

The permissible number of persons is one person per board, except in the case of BALI (PBOARD4), which accommodates 2 adults and 1 child within the weight capacity. It is dangerous and forbidden to use the product by more than the permissible number of person at one time.


Always read and follow the instruction manual provided before using your paddle board.



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