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Pressure Washers. Your garden’s best friend – or at least, we know they are ours! It’s no surprise that we love to spend time in our garden and keeping it in ship-shape is always top of our priority list. We are always preening away, grabbing weeds where we can and planting flowers like it’s nobody’s business, but what about taking care of the patio? Surely they need just as much love as everything else!

This is where our good old friend the pressure washer comes in and they aren’t just great at cleaning your patio, but your car too. They are the best investment for making things squeaky clean by removing dirt, mud, paint and any other old rubbish. The insane pressure they bring makes washing simple, easy and fuss-free – did we mention we think they’re a bit fun too?!

Choosing a Pressure Washer

So you’ve decided you need a pressure washer, now it just comes down to the matter of choosing the right one for you. But all pressure washers must be the same right?! Wrong! If you were to choose the wrong product, it could actually make your job harder and even cause damage to whatever you’re considering washing, so here are a few things to consider when picking the one that’s right for you.

There are two main types of pressure washers; electric and gas. With an electric pressure washer, you will need it connected to a mains supply, so that is something to keep in mind. However, gas alternatives can be a bit more mobile when it comes to cleaning. For the day to day cleans such as patios, windows and cars, we’d suggest opting for an electric version as these tend to be more suitable for these types of jobs. They don’t exert that much pressure as a gas one but still will get your surfaces super clean. Gas petrol pressure washers usually exert more pressure and are used for stubborn dirt but can cause damage due to the sheer amount of water pressure.

Pressure Washer Tips

You’re all set and ready to go, pressure washer in tow and your patio is your first victim. But hold on there, you want to know some tips on how to get the best out of it, don’t you?

  1. Read The Instructions – Every pressure washer is that little bit different so we recommend grabbing a cuppa and spending some time going over the instructions that they came with. Don’t cheat and think you know how to handle it, you don’t want to break the pressure washer or the product you’re washing.
  2. Appropriate Protection – Pressure washing with your top off in your shorts may seem ideal on a summers day, but be wary of the pressure that’s being released from these things – it can hurt. All it takes is for the water to hit a bad angle and it’s coming straight back to you. We recommend wearing protection including gloves and goggles.
  3. Attach Carefully – There are often various nozzles that come with pressure washers that are designed to do different things. Ensure the washer is turned off when you’re changing and attaching these – we don’t want any accidents.
  4. Consider Your Surroundings – Pay good attention to what’s around you when doing this job. Clear the space of fragile items and plants so that you don’t cause any damage. Remember to watch where you’re pointing your washer at all times!
  5. Begin Slow – Don’t turn the settings up to 10 straight away to see what it can do. Start on the lowest setting and work your way up – you don’t know just how much power these can have!

We know that you just can’t wait to get started, but remember all these tips if it’s your first time using one of these pressure washers. We hope that your patios are left dirt-free and you rid your car of all the mud.

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