National Pet Month – April 2019

Dawn Raymond

The 30th Annual National Pet Month takes place from 1st April – 6th May 2019. National Pet Month is a registered charity run by the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA). The charity works to promote responsible pet ownership, along with the mutual benefits of living with pets.

National Pet Month 1
National Pet Month

Anybody can get involved in National Pet Month by holding or attending an event, or simply displaying a poster. Schools can help by planning a pet related lesson. You can find out more by visiting the charity’s website.

Wido Cares

Being National Pet Month, it’s no coincidence that the latest in our Wido Cares series of videos features a very special animal welfare charity called Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. Click on Pickle’s image below to find out more.


At Wido we are very fond of our furry friends, so much so that we occasionally include them in the odd photo shoot. What is it they say? Never work with animals or children? We admit it can be a bit “hairy” at times (sorry!), but after a few out-takes, our photographer, Liv, always manages to get the perfect shot.

Bert and big sister Lola came in one day to try out our elevated camp beds.

Teddy went on location one day and was treated to a ride in the pet stroller! He wasn’t entirely sure about it at first, but soon got comfy once he got used to his surroundings!

Pstroll Ls 1
Pet Animal Shop The Range

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