Meet the “Cleanfluencers” Taking Over Social Media

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We go to social media for everything these days. Advice on beauty, to see the latest fashion trends and even to watch videos and videos of slime when we have our kids on our lap. But something that we’ve seen massively come to light over the past year or so is the rise of the ‘Cleanfluencer’. Now what is this, we hear you ask? 

A ‘Cleanfluencer’ is an online influencer who’s chosen topic of interest is one of our favourites, cleaning! They talk about everything from how they clean the inside of their kitchen waste bin to the latest weird and wonderful products they’ve found to go about their cleaning habits – some of which you wouldn’t believe! With Mrs Hinch being featured on prime TV and seeing the sale of Zoflora go nuts after her backing, they certainly have a way with their audience to get them cleaning.

So who are they, exactly? Here are some of the ‘cleanfluencers’ that have taken Instagram and the likes by storm, and made us want to give our Cleaning cupboard a little bit of an overhaul!

Sophie Hinchcliffe aka Mrs Hinch

Instagram: Mrs Hinch Home

Followers: 2.5 million

Bio: Mrs Hinch is probably the best-known cleanfluencer at the moment. She’s a popular Essex lady who lives to share photographs of her stunning and super clean home as well as making videos showing her loyal followers just how she does it all. She has grown so big that her followers now identify themselves as part of the #HinchArmy and make their own accounts so they can clean just like their idol, or rather ‘hinching’ as they like to call it! Her book ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’ discusses how relaxing cleaning can be and the joys it can bring to your life and was a number 1 Sunday Times bestseller! Go Hinch!

Lynsey Crombie

Instagram: Queen of Clean

Followers: 145,000

Bio: Lynsey isn’t exactly new to the public eye when it comes to cleaning as she was featured on the Channel 4 show ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’ which delved into those who had become obsessed with their cleaning habits. Lynsey’s journey has been an interesting one as she is open about how her cleaning habits came on through experiencing trauma and the need for a sterile environment. She has a range of printables on her blog so that others can come along on the cleaning journey in their own homes and recently released her book ‘How To Clean Your House’ which features all of her tips and tricks she has learnt along the way!

Gem Bray

Instagram: The Organised Mum

Followers: 171,000

Bio: If you’re someone who wants to get the housekeeping done quickly and as soon as possible, then Gemma is your lady. She promotes the message that life to too short for housekeeping and works around doing half an hour a day and leaving the weekend for the most important things, her kids. Gemma has been invited on Good Morning Britain to share her cleaning habits and has been a blessing for busy Mums everywhere. She shares a full range of ‘Mum Hacks’ on her Instagram and Blog and splits all of your cleaning jobs into levels and days to make it easier for us all. Gemma, we praise you!

Nicola Lewis

Instagram: This Girl Can Organise

Followers: 108,000

Bio: Nicola Lewis is friendly with the stars as she has helped the likes of Gemma Collins and Katie Piper organise their lives and their homes. That is exactly what Nicola’s focus is; organising and well is she good at it! The ex-banker now helps others reorganise and declutter their homes and discusses the positive impact it can have on your mental health and wellbeing. She shares her top organisation tips with her followers and gives us cupboards and drawers to go all green-eyed over!

Anyone else ready to run and grab all their cleaning products and give the house a full top to bottom scrub? We are! If you don’t know where to start, maybe our Cleaning Tools can give you some idea, amongst these wonderful ladies of course!

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