Industrial Heaters: 4 Reasons They Are Worth It

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Whether you work in a large industrial unit or simply a cold office, an industrial heater could be exactly what you need to warm you up this Winter. Nobody likes to be left shivering at work, storing a hot water bottle under their jumper or wearing tights under their trousers for that extra layer of heat. It’s important that you are your staff are comfortable during work, making your staff work better and feel more appreciated.

Industrial heaters aren’t exactly a thing of the past and they have been used in various situations for years and years. They’re a fantastic alternative to general heating when it comes to heating extra-large spaces and catering for a lot of people. They have been used particularly in warehouse spaces where individuals may be working in a large open space and are affected by the cold weather elements.

Here are 4 reasons why an industrial heater may be worth the investment.

Immediate Heat

A huge benefit of an industrial heater is it is capable to give almost immediate heat when switched on. Imagine an early morning in February where it is super cold and your employee coming in to work in an equally as cold warehouse. The ability to be able to go over to the heater and immediately feel warm brings so many benefits that we will discuss further on. 

Large Space Friendly

No matter how big your workspace is, as long as your employees are in one segment of the warehouse for the majority of their shift, they will be able to feel the benefit from the heater. The mass heat that the heater produces is able to reach a great distance so that a number of employees in the region will feel warm whilst working. However, there are also smaller gas heaters available that are more suitable to more of a garage environment. Perfect for those who spend hours all year around tinkering away fixing cars or doing electrical work.

Employee Productivity

A massive advantage of having an industrial heater in the workspace is the impact that it can have on your employee’s and their productivity. Employees who are cold often spend time complaining, taking breaks to make hot drinks and overall don’t work at great speed. However, warm employees who are content in their environment to avoid those issues. They are more likely to be happier in their role and able to work as usual and if not more productive because they are satisfied with their working conditions.


Running radiators and the likes for a room that is on the larger side can be costly, especially when there is no real difference in heat. In a space that is so large, it is more likely to see a difference with a large gas heater. As workers are often moving around the workspace regardless, it is more beneficial to place it in the likes of a packing area where the workers will be the majority of the time. By being specific on where you are heating, you save money by not heating areas that aren’t being used as much.

Industrial heaters are a must-have. Whether you have workers who are freezing cold or are needing to save money on heating a large space, they are definitely an alternative option to consider.

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