How To Make The Most of Your Garden in the Colder Months

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Come wind, torrential rain or bright sunshine, you’ll find us in our gardens. Here at Wido, you know that we’re avid gardeners and we like to give that extra tender loving care to our green friends. You’ll quite often find us wrist-deep in the soil, pruning our plants and making sure our garden is in the as best shape as it can be.

It’s quite common for most gardens not to get used as much in the colder months, they’re often left to their own devices. Garden furniture is stored away, not to be seen until Spring comes around. The gardening tools may be left in the shed to gather a bit of rust. Weeds are left to come through and make themselves a new home.

But not in our gardens! We don’t believe that the weather should make us love our gardens any less. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most out of your outside space when the weather gets that little bit colder.

Heat It Up

We love sitting outside in the garden in the evening time, it helps us to wind down and get a bit of fresh air. But it’s almost time to bring out the cable knit jumpers, so surely you’re not going to find us out there? Wrong! By investing in an outdoor patio heater, you can still enjoy the benefits of spending time outside and remain warm and cosy. If you have good lighting outside, grab yourself a blanket, switch on your heater and spend some time breathing it all in. Accompany yourself with a hot chocolate and a book to make it even better!  

Keep Gardening!

Gardening doesn’t have to completely stop in the wintertime, there are still a number of things that you can do to keep your fingers green. You can head to your local garden centre and ask about their recommendations, but we’ve heard that it’s a great time of year to plant bare-root plants. There are a lot of fruit trees and bushes that come this way, so who knows, you could have an apple tree in your garden in the years to come! Wintertime flowers can also be a beautiful addition to your garden, see if you can get some snowdrops or some winter iris blooming in your back garden this year.

Get Tidying

As you won’t be using your equipment quite as much at this time of year, it’s time to give them a spruce up. No doubt your garden shed or your greenhouse has taken a fair beating with you scurrying about all summer. There’s no time like the present to show it some love like us Wido-ers plan to do. Organise your tools, give them a good clean and make sure they’re in their best gardening shape for the busy period to come after this one. 

Be Animal-Friendly

If you think the colder months can be tough on us, imagine what it can be like for some of the wildlife who don’t have radiators in their homes! Why don’t you do a few things to make your garden wildlife-friendly this Autumn time? Make sure you have bird feeders and that they are well stocked up for your flying friends to keep well fed. Make a leaf pile and leave some water outside for cute hedgehogs who are looking for a bit of sanctuary. If you’re a wildlife kind of person, Gardener’s World have more great tips on how you can make your garden a habitable home for other creatures this year. 

So, are you ready to give some love to your garden this year? Whether it’s you using it or some critters, there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure your garden still gets the attention it deserves. We’d love to know what you plan to do in your garden in the colder months. Let us know over on our Instagram @wido_uk and use the hashtag #ItsWhatWido to share your photos with us.

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