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The garage is often a safe haven for some. A place where you can get away, get into your zone and do something you enjoy. Whether that being tinker with a motorbike of yours, have a clean of your caravan or even do a little bit of working out. More often than not, it’s a place we go to get our hands dirty and get our work on and the key to this is having a well thought out and efficient garage workspace. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re particularly new to DIY or you’re really into putting your own spin on things and piecing bits together, having the right tools is important. By setting up your garage in a particular way, you can create a workspace that’ll keep you busy for hours.

More often than not, our garages end up being filled to the brim with stuff we don’t use all that often, if at all. So the first step is to have a clear out. Choose a nice day, maybe hire a skip and work, with your family, to get rid of some of that stuff in the garage as space is the important thing. You may even find some things that may come in handy, everyone has a toolbox that they haven’t used in quite some time! This is also the perfect time to give it a spring clean, we all know how much spiders love garages!

So what elements do we need to create this perfect garage workspace?

  • A Workbench – The centre of all the DIY that’s about to occur! If you are super handy or looking for your first project, you could build your own workbench yourself to suit and fit the space that you have. But ensure it’s made of hardwearing, durable materials as no doubt there’ll be lots of weight going onto it and several hammerings occurring. Depending on the type of projects you’ll be doing, you may want to shop around for the perfect materials that’ll work
  • Shelving & Storage – Alongside the pieces that you ended up keeping from your clearout, you’re bound to need some storage for all your tools and pieces of equipment. This helps you to create room for working within. Having Steel Shelving Units in your garage ensures sturdiness and the ability to hold lots of items in the most convenient way. This can help you organise all of your equipment to make it convenient for when you’re working. Oh, and it keeps it tidy!
  • Tools & Equipment – The tools and equipment you will need for your garage workspace will entirely depend on the type of work that you’ll be carrying out. Whether you’ll be working on some car parts or creating a toy box for your new child on the way, they will differ from craft to craft. But if you’re not quite sure where to begin, we have a whole range of DIY Tools available for you to browse that may give you a bit of inspiration for your DIY journey.
  • Good lighting – As we all know, the UK weather will probably mean that your garage door will be closed whilst you’re working away. This will mean limited light supply and when you’re working with tools that can be dangerous or with electrics, a good light supply is a necessity and typical garage lights just won’t cut it. If you’re handy enough, you could install some LED lighting, otherwise, we’d recommend speaking to an electrician to help brighten up your space!
  • Electrics – You’ll no doubt be plugging tools and equipment in all over the shop as you work on your next DIY project, so having sufficient electrical supply and power outlets is important. Make sure your extension leads aren’t trailing along the floor, but are fitted alongside the end of your garage, or on the walls so that they are easily noticeable and reachable. Nobody wants cables hanging for the ceiling – did somebody say hazard?!

With all of these in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating your own space of DIY heaven. But what project will you be working on next? We’d love to know all about it! Make sure you share it with us over on our Instagram @wido_uk and use #itswhatwido so we can see!

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