How Shelving Systems Can Improve your Business

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When it comes to industrial shelving and shelving systems in, it often isn’t the most exciting thing to discuss in the world of business. But here at Wido, we’re well aware of just how important having a good warehouse system is to your company. It’s something that promotes productivity, shortens dispatch time and all in all makes processes faster and more efficient which in turn saves you money. 

But it’s not as easy as just building a few shelves and hoping for the best, you’ve got to create a system to go alongside it. One that everyone follows and is familiar with and benefits your company rather than hinders it. So, what’s so great about a shelving system, Wido?

Increases Productivity

Like we mentioned previously, a well organised system increases both staff and procedure productivity levels. You should always take into consideration that everything your employee doing is costing you money, so you want to make their time as beneficial to you as possible. This means that the lesser time it takes for them to complete one order, the more orders that they will be able to complete. Having a shelving system installed that is easy to follow, quicker to manage and labelled accordingly means that your workers can find products and get them off to their new owners quicker than you can say postal charge.

Increases Safety

When things are strewn across warehouses and placed without care, they are more likely to cause an accident and all teams should try to avoid that as much as possible. Whether something isn’t placed correctly, is placed in a walkway or is hidden round a corner, these situations can all lead to a dangerous accident and possibly result in injury. Having a good shelving system in place means that everything has a rightful home and there should be no need for products to be left lying around. By taking the time upon delivery to store them away in their labelled section, you not only allow yourself to have a super organised system but a safe one for your employees too.

Space Saver

We’ve all been there. The Christmas stock comes in and you’re clambering over boxes and boxes to get to where you need to be. Everything is laid out on the floor and it’s all just a bit chaotic. By having tall shelving systems that have four or five shelves, you can take advantage of the height of your warehouse and save so much more space than you would if you were simply just stacking boxes. If you create your system in lines across your warehouse that are well labelled, you’ll be able to create handy walkways for employees to travel down to fulfil orders. The most important thing is that they can do it without having to climb over boxes of product!

Value for Money

All of these benefits of having a shelving system come down to them being better value for money for your business. Every second of business time equivalents to some amount of monetary value. Whether it’s your employees looking for the right product in a mess of boxes, having to take time off because they had an accident caused in the warehouse, or something else, it’s all at a cost to you, the owner. So having a shelving system that works for you, is well worth considering.

All this talk of shelves is making me want to organise my own stuff, anyone else? If you’re looking for high-quality shelving systems that are going to benefit you, we have plenty of heavy-duty metal shelving options that can stock your items in the most productive way. Happy stacking!

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