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So you’re looking to create your very own homebrew – how exciting! Whether it’s cider, wine or a super simple fruit juice, home brewing can be a super fun activity. Whether you’re getting the kids involved to make your own fresh fruit juice, or you’re planning to create your own beer for your friends coming round, it can be a real experience.

However, mistakes can often be made but fear not, we’re here to help so that that won’t happen! Here are some of our advice for you to consider when creating your homebrew.

Invest in The Right Kit

Before you even begin the brewing process, it’s important that you invest in the right kit. This includes fruit pressers, pressure barrels and all the right storage bottles. By getting the proper kit, you can guarantee that your brewing process will be done properly!

Clean Thoroughly

It’s not exactly the most fun part of the experience, but cleaning all of your kit thoroughly and properly will help avoid any flavours and products being mixed. It will also help keep your kit in the best possible condition, making it last for longer.

Keep It Sanitary

As well as cleaning, you need to sanitise everything that you use! As you’re creating something that’s going to be consumed you need to ensure everything is sanitised to avoid anyone getting an upset stomach.

Airtight is Best

When it comes to storing your homemade brew, having them stored correctly means investing in airtight containers so that the product will last. 

Expiries Matter!

Whenever you make something, it’s best to research how long that newly made product will last before it goes ‘off’. Make sure you label all of your bottles so that you know when to get rid if it passes it’s ‘Use By’ date!

Get People Involved

Although the process of making your own homebrew is exciting enough to do alone, there’s nothing like sharing this experience with a family member or friend! Having that extra pair of hands will definitely come in helpful if things get heavy!

Begin Basic

You’ve found a recipe on how to make the most delicious fruity cider with various hints of all kinds of fruits, but hey, slow down! If it’s your first time at the rodeo, start off with the basics. Create a basic, one fruit cider and see if you can crack that, then become more experimental later!

Taste Test

If you’ve made it, you’ll want it to taste good but you may be pretty subjective. Get those around you to have a taste and give their honest opinion. Remember, practice makes perfect – don’t be expecting miracles the first time around!

We hope our little round-up of home brewing tips will help you on your way to becoming a brewing champion. Will it be red wine, traditional apple cider or a grape juice that you make first? Be sure to share your brewing creations with us over on Instagram and tag us using @wido_uk using the hashtag #itswhatwido – we can’t wait to see!

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