Get Your Garden Spring Ready

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Get Your Garden Spring Ready
Get Your Garden Spring Ready with Wido

Our Gardening Tips for Spring

Whether you’ve been looking forward to getting your garden spring ready or absolutely dreading the extra chores, Wido are at the ready to make the whole process so much easier.

You’ve probably guessed that most of the Wido-ers are spring and summers babies. We love this time of year. Longer, brighter days just fill us with hope and optimism. Even the lazy bones among you, who loath getting the lawn mower out, must admit that having a glass of wine overlooking your pristine garden in the warm spring evening sun really takes the edge off a hard day’s work.

Love it or hate it, that time of year is finally returning. It’s spring and that means getting your gardening gloves and tools at the ready to get your garden all set for spring.

For those of you who love being in the garden but maybe aren’t natural gardeners, spring can actually be rather daunting. You know you want your garden to look stunning for as much of the year as possible yet may not realise that it isn’t all down to planting some nice annuals.

If you really want your garden to look its best, there are certain chores that must be done in different seasons to maintain your garden’s core health. This can have a huge impact on the aesthetic appearance of your garden.

That’s right, the maintenance you undertake in spring affects how your garden will appear in summer. But don’t panic because here are some of our top tips on making your garden bloom now that the frost has settled.

  • Leaves Be Gone – Whether it’s an old fashioned rake or a powered leaf collector you use, it’s time to tidy up any leaves that have made home in our garden. It’s the perfect start to see what you’re working with this spring! This will also give your lawn and border space to breath. While some decaying lead material is good fertilisation, too much damp and lack of oxygen will simply breed rot and fungi.
  • Treat The Ground – Whether it’s adding compost to your soil, seeding your grass or giving your artificial version a hoover (yes, that’s a thing!) it’s important that you give the ground some TLC ready for the new season. Spring is growing time after all.
  • Shear Away – There’s no time to snip-snip like the present! Unleash your shears or hedge trimmer on all that appears unruly and give your garden a fresh trim but be cautious not to prune too early. Many species of flowering shrubs and trees should only be pruned after flowering has fully ended.
  • Clean The Seats – There’s nothing worse than a spider-web ridden set of garden chairs now, is there? Wipe them clean and make sure your garden furniture is BBQ ready for when the time arrives.
  • Sharpen Your Tools – Clean your spades and sharpen your trowels to make the whole process easier. Cleaning them regularly will help them last longer in that garden shed of yours too!
  • Feed The Birds – Spread some love to the wildlife in your garden this spring by adding a bird feeder. Our flighty friends will help keep the pests of the garden in check too, ensuring your bulbs bloom without the use of chemicals. Changeable weather patterns and increased snowfall in winter has had a big impact on the success of small birds, so you can do you part to help the survivors flourish and return birdsong to gardens.
  • Don’t Forget The Patio! – There’s nothing that looks quite as fresh as a jet-washed patio! Get rid of all the dirt and grime and restore your patio back to its original state! If you leave your patio too long without cleaning it, damp weather can cause slippery moss to grow, which can cause tasty trips and falls.

Ready to step up your gardening game but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got the tools you’ll need to get started!

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