The Full Turkish Barber Experience

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When it comes to male grooming there’s a lot of mixed opinions. Whilst some people like the full treatment from a thorough skincare routine to waxing every spec of hair on their body others shy away from anything more than the bare minimum. 

At Wido, when it comes to male grooming, we are pretty much on board for doing whatever makes you feel good. For us, that means the full Turkish barber experience. A rising trend across the UK, this splice of Turkish culture seems to have been welcomed with open arms. Whilst grooming trends come and go, we have a feeling the Turkish barber is here to stay.

Turkish barbers seem to bring with them a certain culture which we can’t exactly define, we just love it. An unapologetic approach to male grooming seems somewhat different from what you might find in many barbershops, but Turkish barbers have no difficulty making having your eyebrows threaded feel manly. We don’t know how they do it, but they do.

In today’s digital age we see everything moving online from groceries to clothes but good luck getting next day delivery on a haircut from Amazon. Instead, the barber industry has evolved from within retail by improving its service in both quality and what they offer.

The Salon

Usually, the term salon makes us think of women’s hair, but the term barber “shop” doesn’t seem to accurately depict what you’re getting from a Turkish barbershop. Turkish barbershops often reflect the same feeling of classic luxury, from the sinks and the barber chairs to the lines of hair products.

Love For The Craft

Though we don’t always admit, most of taking a lot of pride in our hair. Whether we proudly sport a full head of healthy hair or enjoy shaving it all off – our hair is a significant part of who we are and how we express ourselves. Thankfully Turkish barbershops seem to understand this. They take their craft seriously and every snip of the scissors seems to be made with intention.


Beards are a speciality all to themselves and not necessarily something every barber can work with. However, the second you enter a Turkish barber you understand beards are a second language to them. And just like the hair on your head, you’ll feel equally at home having it styled or completely removed. A hot towel shave uses a hot towel over your beard to open the pores, smooths the hair and softens the skin. This prep followed by the skilled hand of your barber and his trusty straight razor makes for an amazing shaving experience.

All The Extras

Your head and your beard are of course the big two but a Turkish barber experience is about more than that. This classy grooming experience can easily extend to your ears, nose and eyebrows. Don’t be surprised if you have a few oils splashed on your face or receive a head massage either.

Every barber experience is different but the rise in popularity of Turkish Barbers, in particular, is a demonstration that they’re doing something right. Besides a well-styled haircut and beard, the whole experience from setting foot in the door to leaving can feel extremely welcoming and you never feel like you’re not in good hands. If you don’t already pay a visit to a Turkish barber and find the one that works for you because the right Turkish barbers could change the way you look at male grooming completely.

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