Fit Out Your Salon & Spa On A Budget

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Fit Out Your Salon & Spa On A Budget

Whether you’re beginning a new and exciting adventure by setting up a salon or you’re looking to give your current one a refresh, it doesn’t have to come at a great cost. We understand that you may think creating the best space possible can be both overwhelming and costly, but there are definitely a couple of tips that may help you save some money along the way.

We get it. You have a big list in your head of everything that you need to purchase. There’s everything from wash basins and nail files to fresh towels and stools – the list may seem endless. But here’s where the team at Wido come in, as we’re professionals at fitting out salons and spas on smaller budgets. Let us share some ways that you can save and still look stylish..


Making the most out of the space you have is the first place to start when it comes to saving money. By planning out what is going to go where ahead of time may save you from overbuying and help you purchase exactly what you need. Create drafts on paper of your layout and see where you can be clever with your space. Could you maybe perhaps buy a larger mirror to cover two stations rather than singles? Maybe you only require one sofa in your waiting area rather than several chairs because of your short wait time? Thinking of the layout along with any logistics saves you both time and money.

Furniture Sets

If you are in need of furniture and want to keep it consistent across all of your stations and/or treatment rooms, buying in sets can keep your costs down. Furniture Sets can be a blessing when fitting out your salon. They not only save you money by purchasing in bulk, but they also help you keep that cohesive branding across your business. From Massage Couch Sets for those wanting to give their customers some well-needed relaxation time to Salon Padded Chairs to give a modern feel, they certainly help you cut the costs of fitting out your salon.

Get Creative 

When it comes to accessorising your space, you don’t need to head out to your local designer stores to get the best pieces. A great way to keep costs low is to either upcycle what you currently have, or head to charity shops to find some bargains. Perhaps your current salon theme is black, but all your accents aren’t going to match your new furniture. Get your DIY head on and upcycle your fixtures, fittings, mirrors etc by giving them a repaint. Handy and cheap! Charity shops aren’t always full of junk, they can, in fact, hold designer pieces that you just can’t find anymore. Who knows what type of art pieces and cushions you’ll find?

Buy In Bulk

You’re almost set. Your layout is good with furniture all installed and decorations are making the place look glam, but what’s missing? The smaller accessories needed to make your salon, well, a salon! Whether you specialise in waxing, nail treatments or hairdressing, buying your everyday consumables in bulk will help to reduce the cost. From Emery Boards to Cotton Pads, it’s always handy to have a bulk stock of those things used regularly. Ensure you keep track of when products were bought however, we wouldn’t want anything going out of date!

There are a few of our top tips on getting your salon looking professional and stylish on a budget. See, these things don’t always have to cost a fortune! We’d love to see how your salon is looking and how you’ve decided to style it up, share a photo with us over on our Facebook page

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