Design Tips That Will Take Your Dining Room to the Next Level

Mike Lewis
Design Tips That Will Take Your Dining Room To The Next Level

Regardless of whether you use it on a daily basis or not, a dining room should be comfortable yet versatile. It should be suitable for both your everyday dining and for when it comes to entertaining guests, so how do you take it to the next level? How do we design a dining room that is warm, yet stylish? 

Design Tips That Will Take Your Dining Room To The Next Level

The dining room is the place in the home when it comes to entertaining. Whether you have your family all come round for a big traditional Sunday dinner, or some friends on a Friday night for the evening, the dining room is usually where the magic happens. If we’re not in the garden with friends on a Summer’s eve, you can guarantee that that is where we will be.

Here are a few of our favourite design tips to help you create the perfect homely, charming space.

Feature Walls

Feature Walls can be used in almost any room, but having that accent wall can completely change the tone of the dining room, taking it from dull to looking sophisticated. By picking something that compliments your decor it can make your dining room seem more high end by making a bold statement. Whether it’s a metallic geometric pattern or a really bold floral, it can completely change your space.

Set The Table

Having your table set and ready at all times gives it a more complete look, as if it is ready for action at all times. Use your full range of plates, side plates, bowls and all of the cutlery to make it look as if you’re ready for a posh presentation evening, or just your standard Fajita Friday night!

Get Floral

Floral arrangements are the type of thing that will help bring life to any part of a room and who said the dining room shouldn’t be included in that? Whether you’re green-fingered and want to opt for the real-deal or you want something as long-lasting as artificial, having a floral arrangement can create a real homely atmosphere.

Light It Up

Get creative with your lighting. If your room lacks the space for extra furniture or decorations to make your room that bit more special, get inventive with what’s above you. Whether you go for a chandelier or something a bit more rustic, it’ll help to brighten up your space that little bit more.

Upcycle Your Furniture

Perhaps you’re wanting to create a completely new space but don’t quite have the budget to buy everything new, have you thought about upcycling? Whether you give your current furniture a new coat of paint or head to your local charity shop to pick up a new project, upcycling is a great way to create something a little different.

Go Artsy

Does your dining room have big empty walls or seem like it just ‘needs something’? By picking up an art piece that really stands out, you can set yourself and your dining room apart from others. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are lots of websites offering prints for fantastic prices!

Clink-Clink. Let’s Drink!

If you’re a dab hand at entertaining and you want to make your parties and gatherings like no other, the addition of a Drinks Globe or Trolley will ensure that you’re right on-trend. There is something about these pieces that spark excitement with and will make you a host to remember!

How are you going to spruce up your dining room? Head on over to browse our range of dining room furniture for further inspiration on how you can take your space to the next level.

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