5 Design And Layout Tips For The Perfect Salon Interior

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Design and Layout Tips for Salon

Whether you’re setting up a brand-spanking new salon, or you’re thinking of giving your current one a refresh, we’re here to help you get the most out of your salon interior. Us Wido-ers are the experts at making any room fabulous and we believe in making the most out of whatever space you have.

It doesn’t really matter what style of salon you are, whether you purely focus on hairdressing or specialise in manicures and fake tanning. It’s important to really consider every aspect of your salon, from lighting, mirrors, spacing between stations to name only a few.

But fear not! We wouldn’t be Wido without offering a helping hand. Here are five of our best design and layout tips for the perfect salon interior. Some starting points for you to consider when you’re kitting out and creating your dream Salon!

  1. Start With Your Theme – Salons nowadays don’t tend to stick to one specific theme and they have started to really create their own individual personalities within the industry. With more and more salons beginning to construct an environment that really suits their brand, it’s important to first choose a ‘theme’ and stick with it throughout your whole design process. Work with what you’ve been given, if your space has lots of exposed brick, perhaps go for a more rustic style of design. Or maybe your unit is more open? Create something that’s light and brightening – utilise what you’ve been given in the first instance.
  1. Consider The Practicality Of Things – So you’ve created your perfect space and customers are rolling in for treatments but something’s not quite right? You’re spending more time moving things around and having to go look for products because the set up just isn’t, well, practical! No finer detail is too small when it comes to laying out your salon and it’s crucial to how practical your set up is. Walk through every aspect of your treatments – what products do you need? Where do you store them? Can you store them better? Something like a Salon Trolley can help with this; keeping everything you need right by your side at your station without having to waste time looking for products.
  1. Get In The Zone – Create specific zones for your customers, especially if you offer several types of treatments at your salon. Have an area that’s dedicated to hairdressing, with mirrors, chairs, wash basins etc. and then have a separate designated area for those that are there for a nail treatment. With these zones, you can create a different feel but don’t stray too far from your overall theme! Having a cohesive interior is important, so you shouldn’t create two completely different styles for each zone, just enough to assure the customer that there are different aspects to your salon.
  1. Lights, Mirrors, Action! – Lighting and mirrors are two key elements in any salon and they can completely change space. It’s important to get the right level of lighting so that it’s not too bright as to have a clinical feel but you, as a hairdresser/nail technician/tanning expert can see exactly what you’re doing. You don’t want your clients loving their hair colour in the salon, leaving and seeing in natural light that it’s completely different! Ensure your lighting reflects real life for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Mirrors are also important within a design layout and using them in the correct way can open up small spaces and make rooms appear much bigger than they actually are. By having multi-mirrored stations you can open up your salon, but be wary of the placement of mirrors and lighting together – nobody wants to be blinded when they’re getting their hair done!
  1. Plan! – Our final tip is to plan every aspect. Draw up your layout and then draw it up again, create back up options in case your initial one doesn’t work. Measure up your space correctly and look at the measurements of the salon furniture you’re looking into to really make the most of your space.

So get your plans drawn up, ideas onto paper and look into what type of salon you’re wanting to create. You can get some inspiration from our Salon Furniture Sets as a starting point to see the various affordable options we offer here at Wido!

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