Creating the Perfect Barber Shop

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Creating The Perfect Barber Shop

A Barber shop is often somewhere that a man can go to have a bit of quality time to himself. Whether if it’s to get some much-needed peace and quiet away from the kids or if he’s really in need of a fresh beard trim, it’s a space for him to get away. As a Barber shop owner, whether you’re opening up a new place or refurbishing your current one, there are aspects that should be considered if you’re to make it the best of the best.

When thinking of all the fantastic Barber shops we as a team have been in over the years, it tends to be the whole experience that makes it stand out, rather than one stand-alone factor. So how can you create the best experience for your customers and stand out from your competitors? 

Let’s break it down.


The design of your shop is important as it is the first thing that your customer is going to come into contact with and recognise, so it needs to be welcoming right from the moment they walk through the door. Create a friendly design with open spaces, comfortable barber style seating and the right lighting. By using warm lighting in your barber shop, it can enhance the complexion of skin, making your clients feel better about themselves (even more so after their cut!).


As with any professional environment, cleanliness should be key to any business. However, this doesn’t only stop at shop level as that’s the obvious one. This goes for the cleanliness of your staff too. Your staff are representing your business and are an extension of your brand so they must reflect that. Whether you have a uniform or a set of standards for clothing, everything should be streamlined to add to the experience. This includes having well-maintained hair/beards to give your customers an idea of what they are buying into.


Every barber shop should be fully equipped in every piece of equipment that may be needed in this particular environment and it is important that they are kept to high standards. That means that they should be cleaned regularly, replaced when broken and stored safely to avoid any issues. By having your equipment stored in Portable Drawers means that they are easy to move around the shop but still convenient in being stored away.

Customer Service

A member of staff can make or break a business, so maintaining a high level of friendly customer service is one of the most important factors in business. People buy from people and your staff should be giving a special experience to each individual so that they come back time and time again. They should have a certain confidence about them that makes customers feel comfortable and willing to make conversation but not so much that they are arrogant. All customers should be dealt with professionally, regardless of who they are.

Little Things

The little things are what is going to help you stand out from your competitors. Whether you have a fridge full of beers for your customer’s to buy or a tea and coffee machine for them to help themselves to, drinks should always be offered as part of the experience. Keep a collection of the latest magazines, or have a television playing the latest sports programmes. By working on your finer details you could make customers go from one-off drop-ins to regulars.

Are you ready for your barbering business to boom? We believe you can take it to the next level and have those customers queuing outside the door!

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