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Child’s White Cabin Bed Frame With Drawers

Those little ones wreak havoc everywhere! Meaning that it’s left to us once they’ve gone to bed to litter-pick all of those lego pieces and doll accessories until we can finally slouch and relax on the sofa. We often find our children’s precious toys dotted all around the house and it makes for a more stressful and thorough cleaning regime so today we’re discussing turning the bedroom into a dedicated playroom. 

This idea is great if you struggle to keep on top of your home because of your loved one’s belongings and can create a super special place dedicated to playtime! Here’s how to do it.

Storage First

When it comes to turning your child’s bedroom into their playroom also, storage is a first and foremost must. Without storage, you are bound to struggle. Everything needs to have a place to belong so that you’re not holding in that scream when you painfully step on a toy character after kissing your little one goodnight. Storage doesn’t have to be big bulky crates that take up room, opt for something that is multi-functional. If you have room for it, beds with storage are great options for saving a little bit of room. Or if you want something where you can (quite literally!) throw everything in, certain toy boxes can double up as seats, meaning they are nice and discreet in your home.

Lay The Rules Down

Playtime is fun and we encourage it with all of our families here at Wido. But as our children grow and develop, we understand the importance of letting them know the rules. If you’re transitioning from a crazy play mad-house to one room, make sure you communicate this to your kids. To do this effectively, we recommend making it as exciting as possible, letting them know that this is something that is super special and just for them. This will make it seem extra important. Maybe decorate a corner of their room with a tent or bunting for that added extra something! 

Encourage Tidying Up

Tidying up is just something that happens in life. Some of us love it (guilty!) and some of us just don’t. But it’s important that our little ones learn that this is an important part of the play and what is played with must eventually be put away. If you have super little ones, you could use the fun way of ‘putting the toys to sleep’ before your child goes to sleep. This makes tidying up not the boring mundane thing that it can be, but makes it more of a game which your child may be more likely to get on board with!

Free The Weekends

Rules are great and all, but sometimes they definitely deserve to be broken! Let the weekends be free time where your children can play wherever they like. Whether they want to take their crafts outside or create a fort for their toys in the living room. It’s good for you to set the rules for them to follow, but also great if you can allow them those specific times to have a bit more freedom. This can be something they can look forward to (good behaviour dependant!) and gives you a chance to spend some good quality time with them that may be lost on weekday evenings!

We like that idea. Turning a bedroom into a playroom all-in-one can help us keep the kids in order and our house too. No more balls in the dining room plants, no more game pieces in the kitchen drawers. Everything has a place and that’s just how we like it! 

We’d love to see how you experiment with turning your child’s bedroom into a playroom. Share your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #ItsWhatWido so that we can see!

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