Cold Weather Indoor Plant Care

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The cold weather doesn’t just take its toll on us, but our plants too. So when it comes to it, wintertime plant care is a thing and there are some things you should know. As Wido-ers, we’re tending to your beloved gardens year-round, both outdoor and indoor ones! Making sure they look just as fresh and beautiful in December just as much as they do in May! Here are a few tips on cold weather plant care and what you can do to keep your blooms, blooming.

Indoor Gardening Tips

Water Less – Giving your plants a little less water love in winter isn’t a bad thing as the dormant plants won’t need it at this time of year. If you give them too much, they’ll end up rotting as the water accumulates in the compost.

Let There Be Light! – The wintertime means fewer hours of light, which isn’t great for some houseplants. Move those that favour light into the sunniest possible places to allow them to embrace as much natural light as they possibly can.

Nice & Toasty – Just like us during the wintertime, indoor plants like to keep nice and warm. Keeping them away from any open windows or draughts is the way to go, but don’t be tempted to keep them close to radiators either, you don’t want to scorch them!

Pest Check – There are some pesky pests that like to make your indoor plants their home in the wintertime, so regular checks are important. Do them regularly, looking both on top and under leaves for those little bugs and get rid of them ASAP.

Leaf TLC – Dust occurs on your tabletops so why wouldn’t it gather on your plants? By giving them a bit of a dust with a damp cloth, you can get rid of any unwanted dust and make it easier for your plants to absorb that much-needed sunlight.

Improve Your Humidity – If you’re struggling with the heat in your place, increase your plant’s humidity levels by placing stones in the bottom of their plant pot with a layer of water. This will help massively with their moisture levels!

Get Misting! – Another fantastic way to help your plants moisture levels in the winter is to go mist crazy. Give their leaves a good spritz a few times a day to help them soak it all in in the best possible way. 

Diet Time – Since your houseplants won’t be growing much at this time of year, you can afford to put them on a diet, a fertiliser diet. Don’t overkill them with kindness as you may end up killing them full stop!

If you’re a handy gardener, whether it’s with your indoor plants or outdoors, we have a full range of gardening tools to get you on the right path. Whether it’s gloves, a hose or even a lawn roller, we have got you covered for getting your green fingers, well, green!

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