Cleaning the Bathroom; Secrets Revealed

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The bathroom. The magical room where we go from bed head and morning breath to a superstar ready to take on the day. From showering to brushing our teeth, cleaning is pretty much what the bathroom is all about. 

However, whilst we all love the feel of a lovely minty fresh smile or a hot shower to warm us up on a winter morning the bathroom also involves some less pleasant cleaning – cleaning the bathroom itself. 

But don’t despair, at Wido, we feel we have the bathroom conquered and we want to help you with our top insider secrets. Whether you want to leave the bathroom sparkling brighter for longer or simply want to spend less time wearing marigolds with a bottle of bleach in your hand we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Steam Clean 

Put down the chemicals for a second. Put the bleach back in the cupboard and hold off on that vinegar trick you saw on that “1001 cleaning hacks” YouTube video. When you clean with a product or chemical there’s usually a residue left behind, often along with some dirt. This means one thing – more cleaning. That is exactly what we don’t want. Cleaning products are great, and they do a lot but why not try a different approach like steam cleaning. Remove soap and water stains with ease with a steam cleaner. No chemical smells or dirty residue, just a cleaner shower, bathtub, sink… a cleaner bathroom!

Quicker Clean

Secrets of cleaning the bathroom extend beyond just having a better clean, they also include a quicker clean. Let’s face it, none of us wants to spend any more time cleaning the bathroom than we need to. We spend enough time in their making sure we are pristine without spending hours making sure the toilet bowl is as sparkling as our pearly whites. To spend less time taking the marigolds off and on gather everything you are going to need before you start. Nothing will slow you down like rummaging through cupboards and going back and forth to the kitchen for those products you keep under the sink. Secondly, you want to create a routine – an order of doing things. This will not only keep you on task for a record-breaking speed clean but it will make sure you don’t accidentally forget something.  


We won’t labour the point too hard since we already have a fantastic guide to bathroom storage, but decluttering your bathroom is almost as important as cleaning it. You could have sparkling white porcelain but if your sink is swamped under a plethora of soaps, hand washes and hair products it can still look a little messy. The difference between “clean” and “clean and tidy” may look small on paper but you’ll notice the difference in your bathroom.

Turn On Your Fan

If there is anything better than fixing a problem, it’s preventing it entirely. Take mildew for example. Wouldn’t it be so much better to prevent it than to have to deal with it? If you said “yes,” then you’ll love this next simple but often overlooked tip. Using your bathroom fan. Ventilation is key when dealing when it comes to the bathroom. If you want to prevent mildew you want a cool and dry environment. That may sound impossible to achieve, we are talking about a bathroom after all. However good ventilation can go further than you might think and it’s about as low as it gets. Just make sure you turn on the fan when you enter the bathroom and leave it on for 15 minutes or so after a bath or shower should do the trick.  

So now you are armed with the tips to not only create a clean (and tidy) bathroom but to do it at record speed, we hope you take these tips and upgrade your bathroom cleaning regime. Try it out and see if it works for you. We’re sure it will. And don’t forget to share these hacks, don’t go keeping to yourself. For even more help bringing your bathroom to life be sure to check out our bathroom furniture and storage range as well as our cleaning tools and equipment.

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