Why Caravanning is Fun All Year Round

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Caravanning is great. The perfect way to get away and enjoy the sun and some BBQ. At least that’s what’s great about it in the summer but caravanning can be an amazing getaway year-round. Caravanning doesn’t just have to be something that happens in the summer. In this blog, we’ll show just how much fun can be had on a winter Caravan trip and all the other things you can do whilst on one, come rain or snow.

Indoor activities

The winter weather doesn’t have to be a hindrance to your caravan trip activities. It could make the perfect backdrop to the long list of indoor activities available. Caravan sites throughout the UK offer plenty of facilities and activities. Whilst you may find it a bit chilly for swimming, the option is still there at many caravan sites. Other indoor activities such as table tennis are also available at many sites and you can’t go wrong with some board and card games. Monopoly anyone?

Peace and Quiet 

Winter can be a manic time of year, especially around Christmas and new year. Food and gifts are great but they can also be an overwhelming barrage of mad-dash shopping, cooking and cleaning. Why not slow things down and escape the noise, even if only for a week. Winter getaway is the perfect way to reset after the Christmas rush or to even give yourself a moment of stillness before tackling Christmas and the festive season head-on. Plus, without the madness of all the summer holidaymakers, it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience a chilled out caravanning experience.


We are rarely far from an internet connection and a mobile, meaning we have a full world of information in our pockets – a 24/7 stream of chaos. It is an amazing thing but sometimes it’s nice to escape. Don’t panic you’ll probably still have internet access when caravanning nowadays but hopefully the change of environment can lead to some, all-be-it temporary, changes in behaviour.

We all know the real magic of Christmas is the time spent with family. Bringing everyone together with no school or work in the way. Why not double down on the Christmas experience and escape distractions further and spend Christmas the way it is meant to be – with family and friends.

We’re not saying to join a monastery or venture into the mountains and living off the earth but taking some time to disconnect and bring your attention solely to those around you instead of every ping, ding and buzz of your phone can’t be a bad thing.

Enjoy Nature

There’s a strong argument to be made that nature is at its most beautiful in winter. Not convinced? All the more reason for you to try a winter caravanning experience for yourself. Caravanning gives you the chance to experience nature allowing you to step into nature from deep woods to hills and lakes there are countless nature sites to explore. But have you ever seen these beautiful landscapes in winter or do you always reserve caravanning for the summer? See nature from a different perspective with a winter caravan trip.

Whenever you go caravanning, be it autumn, winter, spring or summer, check out our camping products range to make sure you do it right.

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