Camping in the Cold – 10 Things to Know

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Being outside is our favourite place to be and we don’t let the cold weather stop our planned trips, even if it’s not your typical kind of adventure. It might not be at the top of everyone else’s to-do list, but you bet we’re still going camping over the next few months. There is just too much to explore! We’re grabbing our camping chairs, stoves and hiking boots and heading out exploring, map in one hand, dog lead in the other. 

We see often that our favourite campsites are full to the brim over the warmer, summer months. They’re full of BBQs, smiling faces, kids enjoying their school holidays and parents grateful for at least some peace and quiet. But then these campsites are left almost desolate over the next half of the year, with people not daring to go outside when the temperature drops a few degrees.

But that’s not us! We’re ready for a cold adventure to explore somewhere new. So how do we do it? How do we survive camping in the cold?

  1. Brave It – The first step is simply plucking up the courage to not rent a caravan or a log cabin and be brave with your tent! You’ve made the decision to do this venture and you’re going to do it properly!
  1. Layer Up – You might want to pack an extra bag full of useful layers. From under layers and outer layers to making sure your hat, scarves and gloves are in check. Layers are crucial for keeping cosy in the cold.
  1. Bottoms Up – Sleeping in a tent can be cosier in the winter if you pack the right equipment. Double up on your sleeping mat for extra insulation and extra comfort. It’s a double win with this one.
  1. Hot Water Bottles – The night time may be difficult if it’s your first time at the rodeo, so pack a hot water bottle to help send you off to sleep that little bit easier.
  1. Don’t Breathe in Your Bag! – Breathing into your sleeping bag is a common habit of campers to keep themselves warm. However, this creates moisture and ruins the insulating effect, so best to keep your mouths out!
  1. Think Bright – In the colder months, the sun comes down a heck of a lot earlier. Make sure you can enjoy your time outside by fashioning up a fancy new head torch. Nobody wants to be told ghost stories in the complete pitch black, do they?!
  1. Be Fireproof – You’re more likely to have a campfire when it’s cold, so ensure your clothing or anything that will be near it is fireproof. The last thing we want is your woolly jumper setting alight when you’re trying to toast a marshmallow!
  1. Sit Up – By having a suitable camping chair with you, you won’t be sitting on a cold, wet ground meaning that you’ll be kept just that little bit warmer. 
  1. Travel Mugs – These will be your new best friend. They will help keep that hot chocolate or morning coffee warmer for longer, which means your hands will be too!
  1. Have Fun! – It can be so easy for people to whine when it’s cold. But make sure you have plenty of activities planned to keep your minds occupied and the weather will be a thought of the past!

Are you going to be braving it and camping outside sometime over the next few months? We salute you! Here at Wido, we’re all about embracing the outdoors no matter what time of year it is. Now, you get the chocolate, we’ll grab the marshmallows and biscuits. S’mores over a campfire, anyone?

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