A Beginner’s Guide to Caravanning

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A Beginner’s Guide to Caravanning

So you’ve made your investment and your dream Caravan is now parked on the driveway ready for its very first trip. You know how to couple it up to your car, you’ve practiced putting the awning up and down and the wheels are ready to hit the road. But! How are you going to make your first trip everything you dreamed of? Whether you’re heading to the South of France or off to the Lake District, here’s our guide to getting the most out of your first Caravan trip.

  • Find The Best Spot – Caravan sites can be a bit of a minefield if you’re new to this kind of thing – there are so many rows and spaces, who knows where to park up?! Something to consider is where the toilets are, do you want to be close by for convenience or would you rather be further away as to not get lots of passers-by? Take note of what nature is around you, hedges can often act as great windbreakers but tall trees may mean poor grass to rest on. Don’t forget about the ground being level! You wouldn’t want rainwater soaking your feet because you’ve pitched up at the foot of a slope – taking a spirit level along with you can help you find the perfect pitch.
  • Be Weather Ready – Especially if you are staying in the UK, we’re all well aware of how unpredictable those British clouds can be. But imagine this – you’ve traveled miles and miles and have finally parked up in a luscious green spot, the sun is shining, the air cool… It’d be the perfect place to sit outside and read… if you had remembered to bring seats. Lesson learnt; Make sure you have collapsible picnic chairs to make the most of the clear skies; whether that be with a book or a beer!
  • Food, Glorious Food – Depending on where you pitch, there may be options for you to eat out most of the time. But nothing says enjoying the great outdoors like lighting up some coal and grilling some burgers and sausages over a BBQ. Those disposable foil tin options can often ruin the ground and if you’re going to be a longstanding BBQ Caravanning Pioneer it’s probably best to invest. A portable BBQ that’s made of stainless steel is bound to last you multiple trips and many a culinary delight. Don’t forget the buns and sauces!
  • The Smaller Details – Your caravan is now essentially a portable mini-home, so treat it like one. Creating a little tick list of all the things you’re likely to use is the best way to remember the finer details of Caravan life. Don’t forget your kitchen utensils, everything from cooking spatulas, to knives and forks, to pots and pans. Remember your sleeping linen, whether it be duvet bedding or sleeping bags and don’t forget your toiletries – nobody likes a smelly camper!
  • Clean It ASAP – There’s nothing worse than coming round to your next trip and realising only a few days before that you didn’t really clean it up last time and now it’s going to be one big rush. When you return, try and clean it in the first few days you’re home. This will give you peace of mind that when your next adventure comes around, your Caravan is all set up and ready to go – stress and hassle free!

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