BBQ Basics – The Best Techniques You Need To Know

Mike Lewis
Bbq Basics Best Techniques

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a complete BBQ connoisseur or your only experience has been with the disposable kind at a festival, the skill of BBQ’ing can be a tricky one to get your head around and it can go wrong so easily. Sometimes it just isn’t as simple as putting your favourite food on a grill over some coal.

We know exactly when barbeque season is here in the UK; everyone rushes out to buy their six-packs of beers, the supermarkets run low or completely out of meat, the plastic glasses come out and the streets are full of dodgy t-shirt tans.

We love when this time of year comes around. Us Wido-ers will change our diets to that of sausages and corn on the cobs because nothing tastes quite as delicious as BBQ-smoked food, are we right?

We believe in making your life better and that includes the way you BBQ! We have put together a couple of tips and tricks that our team has learnt along the way and we’d like to pass these little pockets of information onto you!

  • Find The Right BBQ – There are so many variations of barbeque grills out there, it is so hard to choose! Gas BBQ’s are great and easy to use, but having a charcoal BBQ will really give you that smoky flavour we all love so much! If your BBQ also has a lid like a Barrel BBQ, this will help lock in that flavour and be easier for you to control your temperature.
  • Have Patience – Patience is your friend! Make sure you don’t go straight in and drop meat on your grill the minute that you see flames, flame-grilled doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ok! Slow down and don’t jump the gun when your charcoal starts to turn white, wait for a grey and ashy look before you start cooking.
  • Temperature Is Everything – It’s super important that you have the right temperature when cooking, especially meat and nobody wants an unsettled stomach the next day! A little tip is to hold your hand around 6 inches away from the grill and within 3 seconds you should automatically want (and please do!) take your hand away because of the heat. Careful, however! Steel BBQ’s can become extremely hot and dangerous.
  • Prep Prep Prep – Want to know the secret to tasty meat? Marinade! If it’s not a totally spontaneous occasion, take some time the night before to create some delicious marinades and inject some real flavour into your food to really wow your guests. Create a real taste sensation in all of your dishes. Having a specialised Smoker BBQ is another way to really enhance flavours!
  • All In The Tools – Having the right BBQ Tools will make everything that little bit easier and safer. A pair of long-handled tongs will help you move your meat around without the risk of burning your hands, a long-handled spatula will help you flip burgers better and a little brush will make you a master at adding flavour through herbs and oils!
  • Fridge Chills – Cooking meat at room temperature can make all the difference. Be wary of cooking your meat immediately from the fridge as this can cause it to burn on the outside but remain raw on the inside so leave a window of around 20 minutes from getting your food out the fridge until cooking time!
  • Call For Backup – Have a second in command! Sometimes, especially if you’re cooking lots of things for a big group of people, it can become a bit overwhelming. It’s always a good idea to have a partner who can either grab you what you need or focus on what needs doing to complement the BBQ food, what’s a garden party without new potatoes and coleslaw?!

We hope that you enjoyed our little round up of techniques for you to use on your next BBQ venture and we can’t wait for you to put them into action. Remember to share your summer garden party photos with us over on Instagram by tagging us in your post @wido_uk #itswhatwido.

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