Bathroom Storage 101: Hacks, Tips & Tricks

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The bathroom. It’s filled to the brim with bubble bath bottles, hair products a plenty and bath bombs that seem to leave pink glitter dust everywhere. The bath is somewhere we are supposed to relax and unwind, so why is it filled with so many toys?! Bathroom storage isn’t easy, they aren’t often rooms where we are blessed with plenty of space to work with, but there are ways that you can utilise it better. Just hold on, we’ve got you…

Organise Organise Organise

So you’ve put things away in drawers and cupboards, that’s the first step done! Now is the time to organise the cupboards! Use tubs, plant pots, mason jars and organise your life away giving everything it’s very own home in a neat and tidy order!

Be Clever With It

When it comes to storage, be clever! Utilise things like under sink cabinets that take up less room and work around your furniture. Giving you even more storage and even more room! 

Baskets Are Your Friends

Baskets for everything! For towels, kids toys and toilet roll. By keeping things in baskets and possible on shelves if you have the room, you’ll make sure you won’t step on another lego again. It also makes your loo roll look quite nice!

Hang It Up

Those little hooks that you can buy for the back of your doors? Use them! These are perfect storage for dressing gowns and even towels. You can also buy over the door storage boxes that hang off the back of your door, making it handy and effective!

Use The Walls

Doors aren’t the only space you can store things. Knock a few nails in your walls and set up some shelves to store things that you may not necessarily need on a daily basis. We’re talking beauty product refills and guest towels, out of the way but still in reach.

Go Big On Products

We’ve all been guilty of it. Having 5 bottles of shampoo and 14 bottles of conditioner rolling around in the cupboard. Regardless of whether you live alone or in a family of 4, go large on your daily products. Everyone can use them and you don’t need to repurchase every few days!

Roll – Don’t Fold

A towel trick that has never failed us! If you’re storing towels in baskets, cupboards or on shelves use the rolling trick. Not only does this look great, but it also saves a lot of room!

Divide It Up

If you have drawers where you have hair grips, bobbles and other hair products rolling about in, get yourself some drawer dividers. These help you organise (yes, the key theme with these hacks!) your drawers and make things easier to find!

Are you ready to go basket, shelf and jar crazy to create a bathroom you can actually enjoy? Get your DIY on just like us Wido-ers would and create a bathroom your proud of. 3, 2, 1,LETS  GO!

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