A Greenhouse Means Gardening Success

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With the growing trend of “clean eating” and the desire to know exactly where our food comes from, it’s little wonder that home grown fruit and vegetables are becoming more popular in the UK. Growing your own vegetables is not only a rewarding hobby, it also saves you money, and eating your own organic fresh vegetables is beneficial to health.

Experienced gardeners consider a greenhouse to be an essential part of the growing process, and a decent one needn’t cost a fortune.  The Wido polytunnel greenhouse measures 6m x 3m and can be erected in little over an hour, to give a spacious walk-in greenhouse, perfect for growing vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, chilli and bell peppers, to name just a few.


You may be considering growing your own vegetables for the first time, or perhaps you want to take a step up and get the most out of your garden.  In either case, investing in a greenhouse is the one thing you can do to give your growing season an instant kick start. 

Below are a few reasons why successful gardeners really need a greenhouse.

Temperature control. When sunlight enters the greenhouse, it turns into heat energy which cannot escape. This provides your plants with an ideal, warm environment in which to thrive

Protect plants from frost Nothing will ruin your vegetable crops quicker than a spell of bad weather. A greenhouse protects your young and vulnerable crops from frost, wind and rain.

Extend your growing season Starting some crops earlier means you can stagger your harvest times. By planning your crops better, you can have some vegetables earlier in the season, instead of a glut all at once.

Save money by growing plants from seed Planting from seed works out much cheaper than buying lots of plug plant. It also results in stronger plants and a better crop of vegetables in the long run.

Grow organically Pests, seeds and weeds can’t get to your plants as easily as if they were out in the open. This means you won’t need to use harmful pesticides. You can try more natural barriers against pests such as planting spearmint and thyme, and using washing up liquid and water to get rid of greenfly.

Increase your range While we have nothing against potatoes, carrots and onions, a greenhouse allows you to grow more tender crops such as tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn, peppers, aubergines and chillis.

Enjoy your hobby in all weathers The greenhouse will not only protect your plants from the weather, it will also provide shelter to you while you work.

Just Because Just as every man needs a shed, every car enthusiast needs a garage, every gardener needs a greenhouse. Just because.

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