7 Cool Gadgets to Add Excitement to Your Kitchen

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1500w Multifunction Electric Pizza Pan

When it comes to home life, we always see the usual kitchen accessories; toasters, microwaves, kettles and even the odd coffee maker can usually be found in most kitchens. They are essentials for making everyday life and meals, be it breakfast or dinner, easier and quicker. But what about other cool kitchen gadgets?

Kitchen life doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive and here at Wido, we’re always open to experiment with new and exciting kitchen gadgets that land in our warehouse! Whether they are great to enjoy with the kids for something fun or are a sole mission when we put our chef hats on, we just love rustling up something with a new piece of kitchen equipment.

Here are 7 exciting kitchen gadgets you can find at Wido right now.

At Home Pizza Pan

If you’re a pizza fiend like 95% of the staff here at Wido, then our electric pizza pan will be right up your street. No need for a hob, simply plug it in and cook away. You can use it for shallow frying, baking, boiling and simmering but best of all, we like it for what it says on the tin, pizza! Now, will it be pepperoni or peppers?

Bread Time!

There’s no smell quite as homely than homemade bread and you don’t need to be a top baker to use our digital bread maker! All you knead to do (bud-dum-tsch!), is load in your ingredients, select your setting and away you go. With 15 programmes available, you’ll open your at-home bakery in no time!

The Healthy One

If you’re looking to shed some pounds or simply opt for a healthier lifestyle, we recommend trying our fantastic air fryer. Big enough to hold a family meal, you can create those fried favourites (homemade chips, we’re looking at you!) with just a teaspoon of oil instead of a pan full! Believe us, they still taste just as good!

It’s Poppin’!

Popcorn wasn’t just intended to be a cinema treat, we well and truly believe it’s an at-home treat too! If you’ve got a movie night planned in, our popcorn maker can complete the full experience. The best part about it is all it takes is 3 minutes – 3 minutes! 

We All Scream For…

Whether it’s on a cone in the summertime or by the side of your freshly baked dessert, ice cream is an all-year-round must-have treat. With our ice cream maker, you can create a whole host of flavours for you and the family. Strawberry. Mint Choc Chip. Peanut Butter. The possibilities really are endless!

Teppanyaki Yourself

Have you ever visited a Teppanyaki restaurant or seen what they do online? Those guys have skills and you can give it a try too with the teppanyaki grill plate. Simply plug it into a power source and get flipping and throwing and catching your food. But if that fails, it makes for a really good grill plate!

This Is Handy

Hand Blenders, a staple. Although you may not think they are the most exciting piece of equipment to be found in your kitchen, they are very efficient and effective! Whether you’re juicing up some fruit for a smoothie, creating at-home breadcrumbs for your next dish or preparing a soup, this little tool is a kitchen must-have for sure.

Now bear with us, whilst we find a place for all of these items in our cupboards. Which ones will you choose? We’d love to know what you decide to get creative with. Will you be baking your very own focaccia bread for home, or is some sweet and salty popcorn more your style?

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