9 Cool Gifts Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

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Father’s Day falls on 16th June this year. With free next day delivery on everything, you might think it’s a bit early to be thinking about Father’s Day shopping, but so often Dads gets overlooked when it comes to presents, so there is no harm in starting early.

Here is the Wido run down of fun, value for money Fathers Day Gifts that will put a smile on his face without breaking the bank.

9. Somewhere to keep all his nuts and screws and things that go missing

The Wido 39 drawer compartment organiser is easily fixed to a wall using the rear mounting holes, so Dad can have it up in his garage or shed in no time! This versatile storage box has 39 pull out drawers for all those fiddly bits that Dad finds so important, yet are always going missing. We can’t guarantee you won’t find him shuffling round his workshop looking for “that thing”, but it might help him locate his bits and bobs first time!

Sto39 Ls
38 Drawer Compartment Organiser

8. Something to Help Him Move Very Heavy Objects

A sack truck might not seem the most glamorous of gifts, but it sure beats a bad back. All too often, things are heavier than they look, and it only takes a second to injure your back. Dad might not realise he’s not as young and fit as he once was, so give him a helping hand with this simple sack truck, which holds up to 50kg.

7. Every BBQ Cooking Utensil He’ll Ever Need

One of life’s mysteries is why, after dodging the kitchen all year, Dad gets a primal urge to stand over a hot charcoal grill as soon as the sun comes out! A chef is only as good as his tools, and with the Wido 5 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Utensil set, he will feel like the master!

Complete with its own aluminium carry case, the set includes: a cooking spatula (great for flipping burgers), a set of tongs, a brush, a meat fork and a chef’s knife.

6. His Own Wooden Rocking Deck Chair

After feeding his family, Dad will no doubt welcome a little rest, with a cold drink. The Wido Wooden Rocking Deck Chair is the perfect spot for him to relax and unwind. The angled fan shaped back provides comfort, while the sturdy curved base gives a gently rocking motion.

What’s more, the chair folds flat, so Dad will be able to store it in his shed quickly and easily once he’s finished with it.

Dchairr Ls
Wooden Rocking Deck Chair

5. Something He Can Use to Build a Fire

Once the BBQ is over and Dad’s had a nice relax in his rocking chair and the evening approaches, it might be turning a little cool. Dad might feel like building a fire to warm himself up! Nothing brings the feeling of hygge outside more than a fire pit – that sense of cosiness and well being, and simple enjoyment of the present moment.

There has been a recent influx of fire pits and chimeneas on the market, but none is more manly than the mediaeval style basket fire pit. Reminiscent of vikings and epic sagas such as Game of Thrones, this basket is sure to hit the spot.

Basket1 Ls
Fire Pit Basket

4. Something to help him clean the car

We don’t like to generalise, but you don’t get many Mums getting up on a Sunday to wash the car. Dad will be able to get the job done quickly and easily with this compact high pressure washer. Once he’s finished with the car, there will be nothing to stop him going on to clean the patio, driveway, all the garden furniture, windows and garden tools! With a powerful 1400w motor generating a maximum 110bar of pressure, as well as a 5 metre electric cable, Dad will have the freedom to clean whatever he wants!

3. Something to Improve His TV Viewing

If Dad hasn’t yet got around to mounting his TV on the wall, he might welcome a TV wall mounting set. Wido stock a rotating bracket and a fixed wall bracket, so he can achieve the optimum viewing height and angle! At less then £10, you will also afford to buy him something to drink while he watches!

Rtvrack Ls7
TV Wall Mounting Bracket

2 Something to Banish His Food Cravings

We all get the munchies every now and then and it’s too easy to reach for the sweets when the need for something nice strikes. Pop corn is a much healthier alternative, even if Dad has a sweet tooth. Making your own pop corn is fun and quick with the air pop corn making machine.

1. Somewhere to Keep All His Tools

Dad’s tools will be kept safe and tidy in this versatile portable tool box trolley. It consists of 2 separate tool boxes mounted on castors with a pull-up handle which makes it easy to move around the workshop. The top chest can be removed and used as a conventional tool box.

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